Betty Jo Buonauro Convicted Radio Theft from Drug Store

On July 28, Frank Ramos was store manager of the Clark Drug Store in Temple City. He was responsible for running all the operations of the store, including safeguarding store merchandise, but he was not a security officer.

At about 11 a.m. he observed Betty Jo Buonauro standing behind a counter, where customers were normally not allowed, in the photo department. Expensive items were stored at that display counter and on the shelf behind. Mr. Ramos stepped briefly into a storeroom and when he came back out Betty Jo Buonauro was gone from the counter. A customer came up to Frank Ramos and said, “A lady just took two radios Continue reading “Betty Jo Buonauro Convicted Radio Theft from Drug Store”

Wayne Hooker Guilty of Shoplifting and Battery on a Peace Officer

About 9 p.m. on September 20, William Perkins, a police officer of the City of Los Angeles, who worked as a part-time employee for Thrifty Drug Store in detecting and apprehending shoplifters, observed Wayne Edward Hooker engaged over a period of 30 minutes in removing various items of merchandise from counters in the drugstore and secreting them on his person. When Wayne Hooker left the store without having paid for the merchandise, William Perkins displayed his badge and said, “I’m a police officer and you are under arrest for shoplifting.” Wayne Hooker knocked William Perkins down and started to run. William Perkins caught up, and Wayne Hooker hit him in the head and kicked him several times and again ran away. William Perkins again caught up, Wayne Hooker drew a knife, and Continue reading “Wayne Hooker Guilty of Shoplifting and Battery on a Peace Officer”

Russell Hackler Convicted Shoplifting Beer from Supermarket

On December 5, Russell Allen Hackler pleaded guilty to a single count of petty theft with a prior robbery conviction. He also admitted a prior prison term enhancement allegation. Russell Hackler and another man were apprehended when each took two 12-packs of beer from a store without paying for them.

On January 2, the court offered Russell Hackler a grant of probation for three years with certain conditions. Russell Hackler accepted the offer, so the court suspended imposition of sentence and placed him on probation. Because Russell Hackler was then incarcerated for parole violation, the probation conditions were to take effect when he was released in April. The conditions included 118 days in jail (satisfied with 118 days of presentence credit); a requirement that Russell Hackler report to the court daily until such time as he found employment; a directive that Russell Hackler attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings thrice weekly; and finally, a requirement that Russell Hackler wear as an outer garment a court-supplied T-shirt whenever he was outside his home during the first year of probation. That T-shirt stated on the front, “My record plus two six-packs equals four years,” and on the back, “I am on felony probation for theft.” Continue reading “Russell Hackler Convicted Shoplifting Beer from Supermarket”

Thomas Chandler Parsons Charged Receiving Stolen Property

At 4 a.m., Redondo Beach Police Officer Nelson responded to a call to investigate a subterranean parking lot below an apartment building. After arrival, the officer saw Thomas Chandler Parsons behind some shrubbery. Thomas Chandler Parsons was wearing swimming trunks with a screwdriver in his waistband. Officer Nelson ordered Thomas Chandler Parsons to come forward with his hands on his head. As Thomas Chandler Parsons complied, another officer arrived for assistance. Thomas Chandler Parsons was placed in the assisting officer’s custody as Continue reading “Thomas Chandler Parsons Charged Receiving Stolen Property”

Steven Bruce Miller Charged with Bank Crime (Robbery)

On the morning of October 29, Steven Bruce Miller rushed into One West Bank in Redondo Beach, wearing a bandana over his face and holding a handgun. After announcing he was committing a robbery, Steven Bruce Miller demanded money from four different bank employees at gunpoint, repeatedly yelled profanities and threatened to kill them. The employees surrendered approximately $9,000 in cash, and Steven Miller fled. He was arrested after dropping a pillow case at the scene, which contained his DNA.

Steven Bruce Miller was charged by amended information with four counts of second degree robbery, with special allegations he had personally used a firearm to commit the offenses. Steven Bruce Miller was also alleged to have suffered three prior serious or violent felony convictions within the meaning of the “Three Strikes law” and to have previously served two separate prison terms for felonies. Continue reading “Steven Bruce Miller Charged with Bank Crime (Robbery)”

Adam Ramirez, Willie Ramirez Charged After Fictitious 1.5 Million Wire Transfer

Adam Ramirez and Willie Ramirez duped Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Diego into crediting Adam Ramirez’s $10 savings account at the Redondo Beach branch with $1.5 million, based upon a fictitious “wire transfer” of funds.

On February 6 Adam Salas Ramirez approached Gloria Dias, branch manager of the Redondo Beach branch of Home Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Diego, indicating that he would like to establish a savings account so that a large amount of money could be “wire transferred” into it. He indicated he and his associates were in the process of buying the Cockatoo Inn in Hawthorne, that he expected a wire transfer of $1.5 million, that he would probably immediately withdraw $900,000 of the money, but might Continue reading “Adam Ramirez, Willie Ramirez Charged After Fictitious 1.5 Million Wire Transfer”