Grand Theft Auto Key Code

Grand Theft Auto Key Code: Cedric Duane Burks was a player in an auto-theft ring operated by Levi Elliot and Abraham Elliot based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once an automobile was targeted for theft, the Elliots would provide Cedric Burks with the automobile’s unique vehicle identification number (“VIN”). Using this information, Cedric Burks would contact a local auto dealership and claim that he was purchasing the vehicle in question and needed the vehicle’s “key code” in order to make a key for the vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto Key Code

A key code is a unique sequence of numbers that a manufacturer assigns to an individual vehicle to allow the vehicle’s owner to make duplicate keys. An individual in possession of a key code for a particular vehicle can make an unlimited number of working keys for that vehicle. Continue reading “Grand Theft Auto Key Code”

Is Feed America a Legitimate Charity

John Ciccone was the owner of Feed America Inc. (“Feed America”), a telemarketing company in Las Vegas, Nevada. From March of 1994 until October of 1995, he ran a scheme to defraud people throughout the country. He paid his solicitors a straight commission to telephone people, who had previously relied upon the promises of other telemarketers, and persuade them to send money to Feed America. They succeeded in doing so by telling victims that they had won money, a fabulous prize, and the opportunity to donate to charitable causes. There was one hitch: the lucky victims first had to pay a sizeable sum to Feed America. When people refused, the solicitors called them over and over again. When they did send their money, Feed America returned ten percent of their donation and a cheap gift. Its donations to charitable causes were minuscule.

John Ciccone designed a “pitch” for Feed America solicitors to use, which convinced people that they had won an extraordinary prize. It started out like this:

This is (Fundraiser’s Name) with FEED AMERICA in Las Vegas, Nevada … the reason for the call is Continue reading “Is Feed America a Legitimate Charity”