Russell Hackler Convicted Shoplifting Beer from Supermarket

On December 5, Russell Allen Hackler pleaded guilty to a single count of petty theft with a prior robbery conviction. He also admitted a prior prison term enhancement allegation. Russell Hackler and another man were apprehended when each took two 12-packs of beer from a store without paying for them.

On January 2, the court offered Russell Hackler a grant of probation for three years with certain conditions. Russell Hackler accepted the offer, so the court suspended imposition of sentence and placed him on probation. Because Russell Hackler was then incarcerated for parole violation, the probation conditions were to take effect when he was released in April. The conditions included 118 days in jail (satisfied with 118 days of presentence credit); a requirement that Russell Hackler report to the court daily until such time as he found employment; a directive that Russell Hackler attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings thrice weekly; and finally, a requirement that Russell Hackler wear as an outer garment a court-supplied T-shirt whenever he was outside his home during the first year of probation. That T-shirt stated on the front, “My record plus two six-packs equals four years,” and on the back, “I am on felony probation for theft.” Continue reading “Russell Hackler Convicted Shoplifting Beer from Supermarket”

Ruben Acosta Charged with Theft of Taxicab and Manslaughter

The events which resulted in this prosecution occurred on April 3. Ruben Corrales Acosta, a Mexican agricultural worker legally in the United States, could not speak English. He had been in this country since March 19. On April 3 Ruben Acosta went with fellow workers to a cafe in Torrance. Ruben Acosta drank five or six bottles of beer. He and an acquaintance then went to a cafe in Redondo Beach. There Ruben Acosta drank no more. He began to dance by himself. The proprietor, who spoke Spanish, led him out of the cafe. Ruben Acosta left politely. However, he returned and again danced by himself. A waitress called the police and the proprietor called a cab for Ruben Corrales Acosta. The proprietor interpreted for the police and Ruben Acosta. When the cab arrived the police directed the cab driver to take Ruben Acosta to the ranch where Ruben Acosta was employed Continue reading “Ruben Acosta Charged with Theft of Taxicab and Manslaughter”