Ruben Acosta Charged with Theft of Taxicab and Manslaughter

The events which resulted in this prosecution occurred on April 3. Ruben Corrales Acosta, a Mexican agricultural worker legally in the United States, could not speak English. He had been in this country since March 19. On April 3 Ruben Acosta went with fellow workers to a cafe in Torrance. Ruben Acosta drank five or six bottles of beer. He and an acquaintance then went to a cafe in Redondo Beach. There Ruben Acosta drank no more. He began to dance by himself. The proprietor, who spoke Spanish, led him out of the cafe. Ruben Acosta left politely. However, he returned and again danced by himself. A waitress called the police and the proprietor called a cab for Ruben Corrales Acosta. The proprietor interpreted for the police and Ruben Acosta. When the cab arrived the police directed the cab driver to take Ruben Acosta to the ranch where Ruben Acosta was employed Continue reading “Ruben Acosta Charged with Theft of Taxicab and Manslaughter”