Steven Bruce Miller Charged with Bank Crime (Robbery)

On the morning of October 29, Steven Bruce Miller rushed into One West Bank in Redondo Beach, wearing a bandana over his face and holding a handgun. After announcing he was committing a robbery, Steven Bruce Miller demanded money from four different bank employees at gunpoint, repeatedly yelled profanities and threatened to kill them. The employees surrendered approximately $9,000 in cash, and Steven Miller fled. He was arrested after dropping a pillow case at the scene, which contained his DNA.

Steven Bruce Miller was charged by amended information with four counts of second degree robbery, with special allegations he had personally used a firearm to commit the offenses. Steven Bruce Miller was also alleged to have suffered three prior serious or violent felony convictions within the meaning of the “Three Strikes law” and to have previously served two separate prison terms for felonies. Continue reading “Steven Bruce Miller Charged with Bank Crime (Robbery)”